Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Galveston Bay Oil Spill and the IKE dike VS Rice dike

Galveston Bay Oil Spill and the IKE dike VS Rice dike


Greetings neighbors and friends of our Bayshore fishing community we all so love, and everyone around Galveston Bay.


First off, I want to say to the Hillman Family, and everyone that there livelihood and recreation and love for Galveston Bay have been affected by this damn oil spill, we can’t imagine your pain, and support you in the coming fight.


this Galveston Bay oil spill gives much credence to a speedy confirmation of the IKE...IKE...IKE Dike, over the rice dike. for obvious reasons.


you damn up the north end of Galveston bay, and you only protect the industry, and they will pay nothing for this protection. the rest of us around Galveston Bay will flounder when the next big one comes.


you damn up the south end of Galveston bay, just this side of the Y, and or at the coast, you can close off the bay to the spill. you protect all of Galveston Bay, not just the fat cats.


of course, if you move the dangerous chemicals and petroleum products to the port of Galveston, and or offshore floating port, .........never mind, that will never happen, just dreaming.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Is your community just collateral damage? RICE DIKE VS IKE DIKE


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