Thursday, May 29, 2014

fish kill bacliff shoreline hardheads, gafftop, flounder, stingrays, May 28-29 2014

hardheads and gafftop mainly so far, but I am starting to see flounder and stingrays, and the bait is lined up along this shoreline so thick, you could about walk across it. they are at the top, and wanting oxygen. pelicans are taking advantage of easy catch. the water is almost black yesterday, but today, just brownish red, nasty. you can see the dead fish lined up north and south and as far out as you can see floating dead.... the fish kill in the Seabrook, Kemah area the other day was blamed on high temperature water, and no rain, algae bloom, and today, with the lower water temperature, about 6 inches of rain here past 48 hours or so, i don't know what excuse they will come up with now. this is very early in the season to blame on high water temperature. i do know that drag line has been out in the ship channel working around GLIT island off Bacliff for some time, just saying. I hope we don’t start seeing more flounder white side up floating. I hope this does not get seems worse or as bad today. :-( ...terry

WATER TEMP GALVESTON BAY Morgans Point, TX 75.9 °F  Forecast as of 10:39 am CDT on May 30, 2014


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