Monday, September 12, 2016

Galveston County officials to vote on San Leon financial blueprint Tuesday

Galveston County officials to vote on San Leon financial blueprint Tuesday


Posted: Sunday, September 11, 2016 11:00 pm


By CHACOUR KOOP The Daily News


County officials may approve a blueprint for weaning San Leon off county resources if residents of the unincorporated community voted to become a city.


The commissioners court is scheduled to vote Tuesday on whether to support a 10-year plan to transition San Leon off county funding currently provided for roads, drainage and law enforcement. Officials estimate the county spends about $1.4 million annually on these services.



looks like San Leon inc., and a select few, and the Honorable Commissioner Dennard (course he says he is not, but I don’t believe him), are going to shove this incorporation down San Leon throat whether they like it, and or want it, or not.


I wonder if Commissioner Dennard, and the fact his parents live there, I wonder if his parents are pushing for incorporation as much as he is, and has been, since I went to his first meeting in Bacliff, when he was pushing way back then for incorporation?


Commissioner Dennard said at his very first meeting in Bacliff, a meeting that was suppose to be about crime on Bayshore dr., but turned into a Pro incorporation back then, claiming that was the only way we would get rid of this crime. if that’s the case, what about these big city’s around us and the crime rates there? this is not about crime folks, it’s about a select few that don’t like trailers, and the county wanting to wean San Leon and anybody else off it’s teat. it’s all about money folks. and these same folks don’t give a hoot about how you feel, or what you want.


this is so sad, that a select few, a few that simply don’t like trailers, can instigate such a move, and force incorporation (oh that’s right, that’s not what they are doing LOL). it seems like such a conflict of interest as to how all this has come about, imo. 


let the motels, and million dollar plus homes, along with the HOAs, and the circus show and traffic like in Kemah every weekend that come along with them, let the building begin.


but I am staying out of it, I was told to mind my own business, so that’s what I am doing.


good by Sunny San Leon, it was nice knowing you...


with sad regards, terry




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